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Suppmental Insurance Coverage

If you have gaps in your healthcare coverage, as just about everyone does, you might want to consider purchasing medical insurance. This type is meant to help cover the gaps in benefits that result from deductibles, co-payments, and expenses that are not covered by your primary coverage.


When purchasing this type of policy, you should select a policy that specifically fills the gaps that you have in your current healthcare policy. For example, if your primary medical plan does not cover the expenses associated with lost income or with living expenses associated with your illness or medical issue, you might purchase supplemental medical to help cover these costs.


There are many people that can benefit from having this type of gap health policy in place. For example, those that are self employed, those that are not in a situation to handle the cost of large and unexpected medical bills, those that cannot handle the loss of income if they should be unable to work for a period of time due to an accident or illness, those with families, and those on Medicare are all good candidates for this type of coverage.


People that are on Medicare often seek out this add-on insurance because of the many gaps in the coverage provided by this type of policy. For example, Medicare does not cover costs such as long term health care, nursing home care, at home care, or prescription drugs. With additional coverage that is specialized to fill these gaps, Medicare patients can rest comfortably knowing that there financial future is secure.


This medical coverage can offer benefits that are not commonly found with traditional types of health insurance. For example, you might be able to acquire cash benefits or it can be used to cover the costs of pre-existing conditions that are not covered by the primary policy. It may also be used to help offset the costs associated with the primary policy, such as reducing the amount of co-payments or co-insurance fees you are required to pay.


There are several companies that offer healthcare coverage. Perhaps the most well-known of these companies is AFLAC, which uses a quacking duck as its spokesman. There are, however, several additional companies that can offer this type of additional coverage. In addition, the type of specialized gap coverage provided by these companies can vary. Therefore, it is important to consider all of your options and to look into a number of different companies when determining which type of supplemental policy you wish to purchase.


Some of the specialized plans you can choose to purchase include:


  • Cash benefits for specific hospital services
  • Coverage for outpatient services or emergencies
  • Coverage for preventative care
  • Coverage for cancer expenses, including treatment costs and related expenses
  • Coverage of out of pocket expenses associated with critical illnesses and conditions such as strokes, heart attacks, cancer, heart surgeries, and more


By having one of these policies in place, you can avoid becoming financially devastated by unexpected medical expenses. If you are ready to secure your financial future, take a moment to fill out our simple online form.


When you complete our online form, which will only take a few minutes of your time, you will be able to obtain a great deal of information about the policies being offered by a number of different companies. Rather than having to call around to find out which company offers the type of policy you are looking for, the companies will come to you!



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