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Healthcare Coverage for Students

If you are a college student, you may still be receiving medical coverage through your parent’s insurance policy. Unfortunately, there are many factors that can prevent you from still receiving coverage in this manner. For example, if you have exceeded a certain age, are not attending college full time, or no longer live with your parents, you may no longer be eligible for coverage. Similarly, if you are married, you generally are no longer eligible for coverage through a parent’s policy. Of course, in some cases, your parents may not have medical coverage at all. In all of these cases, it is a good idea to look into young adult health coverage that may be available to you.


There are several different types of medical plans that you can potentially select from. Some of the most popular forms of this type include:


  • Renewable College Health Insurance Plans
  • Not Full Time Student Health
  • Graduate Health Coverage
  • International Health Policy


The exact type of healthcare coverage you need will depend upon your individual circumstances. For example, if you are a full time student, the Renewable College Health Plan is the best option for you. With this type of coverage, you can obtain coverage that will last anywhere from just 30 days to one year. After this time period is complete, you can renew the coverage again if you desire.


If you are attending school on a part time basis, the Not Full Time Student Healthcare coverage is your best option. With this type of plan, you can still obtain coverage despite the fact that you are not attending on a full time basis. This can typically be put in place for 30 days up to one year as well.


Graduate Health Insurance is similar to Not Full Time Student Health Insurance. This is because most graduates attend on a full time basis. What differentiates this from insurance intended specifically for those that are attending school on a part time basis is the fact that it is intended to help you with covering your medical expenses while you search for a job after graduation or while you are waiting for your benefits to kick in.


If you plan to study abroad, International Health Insurance may be the plan you should purchase. This type is specifically intended for those that are traveling overseas. As such, it can properly handle the differences in dealing with international medical facilities and payment plans.


Regardless of the type of student health insurance you are interested in purchasing, it is important that you compare the policies offered by various companies. This way, you can be certain to obtain the policy that is best suited to your needs. If you are a young college adult with little or no health problems, for example, you might be willing to purchase a policy that has low premium payments but a high deductible since you will be less likely to utilize the benefits. If you do suffer from medical problems or if you are an older individual that is returning to school, on the other hand, a policy with a higher premium and lower deductible may be a better option.


In order to help you with obtaining a number of quotes from a variety of insurance carriers, feel free to complete the online form at our company. It will only take a few minutes to answer the questions and you will soon be receiving quotes from a variety of insurance companies offering the coverage you desire.

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